Congratulations to all participants!

We finished our STEM/STEAM CHALLENGE 2021 — Season 4 successfully, which ran between Jul 5 2021 till Aug 29 2021 and had enthusiastic participation from the participants.

About STEAM Challenge season 4:

Coding is fun but as like any other STEM/STEAM skill set, needs continuous practice to keep improving ourselves.

Goal of this initiative is to encourage participants to engage themselves in coding or any STEAM activity they are interested in for 8 continuous weeks.

Participants need to create atleast 8 STEM/STEAM projects in 8 weeks with a minimum frequency of 1 project per week. Projects could be Science, Technology (including Coding), Engineering, Arts (could be hand drawn/computer software Arts, Infographics etc), Mathematics related.

So choose your skill set, be creative and make a small video/write a blog about your project and share it in our Social Media .

Challenge starts on Jul 5 2021 and ends on Aug 29 2021. Registered Participants will need to send their video/blog before every Sunday at 11.59 PDT/PST.

Participants who finish 8 STEM/STEAM based projects with a minimum frequency of 1 project per week for the above mentioned date stand a chance to be rewarded. This challenge is open to all. We would like to thank all our sponsors for providing the rewards to participants of this challenge.

Results from STEAM Challenge season 4:

  • Anvika
  • Anu
  • Dhaanyah
  • Kushal
  • Shreyansh

for their persistent efforts. What these participants have done in 8 weeks is really amazing!

Thanks to our sponsors for making this challenge possible! All the participants details and gift details are available in all our social medias.

Over to season 5.

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